Friday, April 16, 2010

Garden and Hair

Here's what's going on in the Polytunnel these days.
Man it's hot in there. I feel like I step into another country when I open the doors of the tunnel. Like Narnia. Only with a heatwave, not a blizzard.

Lettuce and Peas growing. Some greedy slug is decimating the little salad sproutlings. But I can't find it anywhere!

This bed is parsley and radish so far, but soon it will be full of perpetual spinach and marigolds, hopefully!

Here's my table of seedlings. I've got salads, cucumbers, and tomatoes seen here. Underneath the table there's summer squash and chocolate peppers and sweetcorn.

I was out for two hours digging over and weeding a raised bed today. Phew. I was glad when my bf stopped fixing his car and came to help out. It seemed like the never ending bed of weeds. When we'd finished, I planted out my courgette plants and sowed flowers in the middle of the bed. Asters and hollyhocks.

This is the kale I'm eating at the moment. Correction - juicing. Not that often mind. But as it's almost flowering, I'm trying to juice as often as I can before it bolts!
In the background are purple sprouting broccoli that are just emerging. Very yummy steamed.

Here's my dog, Gwenno looking as beautiful as ever. I think she is the most gorgeous dog, and when I look at her it's like pleasure for my eyes and like chocolate for my brain to see her. Delightful beauty!

Here's a cool plant growing outside the house. Burning Bush plant, I think it's called. Cool looking.

Did you hear about the volcano in Iceland? It erupted, spouting ash into the air. So all planes to and from the UK were cancelled. So today, I made a point of enjoying the sky without any vapour trails. A clear sky at last! No bad planes polluting our world. It was so nice! :)

Here's an evening view over the valley where I live. Trees are still brown. No green yet. But all the buds are there. Soon everything will be lush and verdant.

My hair is another thing growing. But it had split ends and looked a bit messy. So I went to the hairdressers today to get a trim. Whilst sitting in the chair getting my locks chopped, I asked the girl if she'd be willing to make my hair wavy, with curlers. She said yes, and she used straighteners in a curling iron way to create very shiny long waves in my hair. I've never seen my hair so movie-star like. It is actually shining! And really bouncy. I felt like I was in an advert and felt a bit self conscious walking around town afterwards. It was so smart looking, it felt wrong doing the garden later on. I thought "This hair should be drinking cocktails next to the pool dahhling!" Not quite my usual mass of crazy curls.



You have the most amazing hair I've ever ever seen. It's like you've got three heads of hair on your little crown.
Btw, your blog makes me feel warm inside.

Azura Skye said...

Aw, thanks sis :)
I thought my hair looked like yours! Coz you wear it like that.
Diolch bach, cari ti x

Jennifer said...

You look gorgeous! As does the view of your valley and your pretty little dog. I wish I could stop in for a visit!

Azura Skye said...

thanks Jennifer! You're welcome anytime :)

Greenmama said...

Aw, man. I want a poly tunnel. :)

Sorry to hear 'bout the slugs, though. They're like cockroaches; there's never just one.

Your view is just gorgeous! And your doggie and you, too, of course.