Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I've watched this film twice today! haha! But omg the love! The love! After watching this film you feel love and spirit of all these women and babies is just filling you up and eminating out of you in a starlight glow.

I've always loved babies... up to one year old - I love them. So frickin' adorable. After that age, it becomes harder - although lots of fun too. So this film is perfect to revel in the babyness of babies.

It's definitley a feel good film - there are no 'bad times' shown at all. None of the reality of what it's like for the parents in the Himba tribe, with no doctors around, but yet again, it's the babies perspective - what to babies know of doctors? It just shows THEIR world, NOT their parents' or families thoughts/world.
It makes me happy to see how resilient the babies are. They are very very very clever, and tough, and have such intuitiveness, it's unbelievable. They KNOW - everything, it seems. How can they? It's amazing. One day they can't even see very far, then a few hundred days pass and they are crawling and communicating, then another hundred days and they are dancing!
It makes me feel that children, in a way, CAN look after themselves. Also in another way, I almost ALMOST envy the freedom that comes with the Himba tribe in Africa... The mothers are the best of friends, laughing and touching eachother and feeding eachothers babies. They seem to have the most TRUST that everything is going to be okay. And maybe it IS... Our busy, road and car filled world is, strangely more dangerous... We are far more tense here. But how can we re create such ease of the Himba tribe within our own culture? I guess it is to trust in your baby.
Bayar, the Mongolian little baby boy seems to be always on his own - almost getting trampled by cows at times...I just wonder what the mother's mindset is... Does she care? Does she trust? Where was she when a cockerel was walking on his bed and could have scratched out his eyes. Does she trust the animals? Or does she feel that she can 'deal' with whatever happens? These people are very tough and perhaps she just expects that her baby needs to be as tough as she is.

Just wondering :)


Sarah said...

I'd love to watch this. Thanks for the review :)

Azura Skye said...

Oh you'll love it.. it's great.
Hope you get to see it.
Good luck with your last few weeks! xxx

Biddy said...

I downloaded this on Vuze the other day. So lovely!!! Babies are so, so wonderful. Made me appreciate my little one even more. And the cat in the yurt was hilarious, lol.

Azura Skye said...

Yeah - the animals in that were awesome.
how's everything Biddy? Hope your little one is doing ok - and yourself of course.
Yeah it does make you broody! x

Biddy said...

I'm fine thanks, just moved house yet again! So I'm busy making the new place comfortable. Safiya is well too and such a lively, bright little thing, she's 1 on sunday. I just can't believe it!!
Hope all is good with you and the family. How's the sis?

Azura Skye said...

one years old! Awesome :) They are so much fun aren't they (when you aren't whacked!)
Sis is good - working on her MA x