Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dog Bite!

I got bitten by a dog tonight!!

There's this man who breeds horses along our lane, in a field and he keeps an Alsatian there to guard the horses... but this dog can come out anytime. Thing is the man doesn't live there, and I never ever see him to ask him to put a fence up to keep the big dog in!
But tonight, first time in AAAGES he was actually in the field, cleaning out the stables.. so I went to ask him.. and as I asked him, two terriers came growling at me and one of them bit me! I was so frustrated and ANGRY! His gate was wide open, and he TOLD me, "Yeah these dogs bite!"

Well I carried on going running with my friend, by the time we'd finished our jog my leg was all bloody. And the bruise really came out.

Here's a pic of it. Two nice little puncture wounds and a small one. It's been leaking blood and lymph all night and kinda hurts!

So I called the police! It's the THIRD time I've been bitten by a dog along our lane.
Hopefully I'll get a visit from a police person tomorrow.

Thing is I'm a dog person mostly - but rescue dogs are mostly friendly, it's when the dog has been taught its OK to bite, that's when you get trouble. These dogs were nervous as anything - just like the owner. Come on people! Train your dogs!

Rant over :))

But on the lighter side - or heavier - check out my heavyweight Summer Squash from the polytunnel, awesome or what?
And my cucumber plants are still CHUCKING OUT THE CUKES! love it.. means I can have my daily shot of wheatgrass and cuke juice everyday.

I've recently bought sunflowers in their husks to grow sunflower sprouts.
Also I had a new jar of Kika Green Powder - it's got every green plant ever in it, love it. Non heat treated, dried freezed kelp, chlorella, blue green algae, amaranth, spirulina, barleygrass - the works.

I always feel raw inspired in the Autumn! Don't ask why :) I guess to me Autumn is time of creativity and magic - LOVE IT! BRING IT ON!! WHOOHOO!


Connie said...

Too bad about the dogs. :( I hate when I am harassed by dogs when I am walking, especially when I have my small dogs and larger dogs come at us. Too bad so many owners are irresponsible.

I too am loving the butternut squash. In fact I just published a soup recipe today.

Love & Light!

Anonymous said...

I definitely want to read a bit more soon. BTW, pretty good design you have here, but don’t you think it should be changed once in a few months?

Nannie Leick said...

Reporting the incident immediately to a police officer is the best thing to do so they can write a report. Yes, it's true that the dog owner should take full responsibility for what happened to you, especially if you are not in their premises. By the way, did you get medical attention on that bite? It would be wise to seek treatment to prevent infection, or worse, rabies. I hope that dog owner learned his lesson and become a responsible pet owner.

Anonymous said...

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