Thursday, October 21, 2010

Has Anyone Tried...

InnerTalk CD's - or other 'mind programming CD's'... You know the type, they repeat positive affirmations like "I enjoy not holding a cigarette", "I can enjoy feeling hungry" - sort of thing.
In a way, it makes sense that if your subconcious believes something you'll have difficulty doing otherwise... but is listening to affirmations really the way to change your subconcious?
I'm not so sure.
I think you can change by making small changes and facing your desire for whatever head on, until new connections are made in your brain.
I don't seem to have found (not that I've looked) any proof that mind programming things work!

Any opinions?


Jo said...

I've got a whole collection of them!
They have definitely helped me.
For example I bit my nails for many many years and this cd helped me to quit.
I listened to the Attract the Right Love Relationship one on loop for 3 days and met my husband right after - coincidence??? They are quite pricey at approx £22 each but there are some on ebay and maybe I will sell mine one day but I like to keep them just in case I need them.

Azura Skye said...

Thanks for answering - interesting!
sorry i took a while to reply - I didn't see this post ! : ) take care x