Saturday, October 02, 2010

Recent Stuff

Chicken in the house... Father was away, so the chickens come in to play (shh, don't tell).

Ferrets having a cuddle the other day.

I finished my plate today. I worked on it ages ago... but haven't got around to finishing it... but I did today. It isn't hard to do a plate - but it is very physical and tough. Contradiction?
It's noisy, and you gotta bang down the mallet hard on the chisel and my arms were aching... so it feels good to have the plate done. Well, I still have to sand it. It's a very chunky plate! And heavy :) But my plate making teacher - my bf - kept saying 'It's supposed to look like that - rustic'. So there we go!


Margaret said...

I presume the chickens and ferrets don't get to meet close up very often!

Greenmama said...

Your plate looks suspiciously like a whole grain tortilla. LOL!!!



Azura Skye said...

The ferrets don't chase the chickens if the chooks don't run away. But the chickens change their tune as soon as they see the ferrets.

I can guarantee it's a plate Marjorie! But now that you've mentioned it, I shall be very aware of serving tortillas on it in the future :))

Kadir said...

Have you made ferrets and chicken close friends? Nice try! :)

jonnyfenton said...